Vehicle Identification System
"Fully automated solution with compete details of vehicle and user for identifying and tracking vehicles coming and going out of a premise."

What is Vehicle Identification?
Managing a busy and a very big Parking Areas is a very challenging task. A site can contain its own vehicles and vehicles coming in and out. Keeping track of vehicle movement in and out of a premise and maintaining reports of vehicles with entire details is a very time consuming and tedious job. We help you to identify the Vehicles moving through your premises with date and time along with images of Vehicle and Owners.

Key Benefits:
  • Quick Identification and Secure Access.
  • Nonstop, Hands Free Operation.
  • On Move Authentication.
  • Increased personal security & Reduced traffic backup.
  • Easy to install and maintain with most cost effective devices.
  • Automatic record tracking and MIS report on any demanded point.
Trailblazer Vehicle Identification System
Trailblazer Vehicle Identification System is an easy to use and friendly software solution for vehicle Identification and monitoring with flexible features and wide range of screening, reporting capabilities which makes the job easier and automated.

With wide range of features and flexibility, DVIS can be simply defined as
  • Affordable - Easy Plug and Play installation with low cost, Re usable Tags.
  • Reliable - Reliable too for Data Security and Maintenance.
  • Flexible - With many user friendly features.
  • Scalable - Easy to update with new builds and versions.
  • Accurate - Data accuracy is maintained with automated processes of Import, Export and Verification.
  • Vehicle Identification from a distance (5-6 meters) with owner/driver information on screen for next level authentication and audio-visual output for security guard.
  • Works as Quick access control & Real Time Information available on screen at any given point.
  • Secure, efficient and accurate in identification of vehicle with cost effective equipments .
  • Increases vehicle turn around time on automatic identification and notification whenever vehicle enter or exist.
  • System will best performance in all weather conditions with IP rated devices.
  • Data can be captured even Vehicle is on the move.
  • Tags can carry the important data apart from the identification.
  • Remote Monitoring Function for Location wise vehicle identification.
  • Eliminate manual record entry.
  • MIS reports for vehicle/activity/alarms/alerts with multilevel search and filter criteria.
  • Avoid the unauthorized vehicles entry inside as well as exit with registered users screening.
Fully Automized Solution
  • Fully automized system to identify Vehicle in and out.
  • Tracks an unlimited number of vehicles with complete details of Vehicle.
  • Track employee data, driver licensing, renewals, and certifications.
  • Popup window that prompts you when new notifications for maintenance, equip. expirations, or employee certifications occur.
  • Can conveniently read long range and identify vehicle and user.
  • Automatic Data Collection: Automatically conduct error free data gathering pertaining to vehicle and vehicle related activities.
  • Direct Control of Relays/Gates.
  • Eliminate unauthorized vehicle use.
  • Secure, efficient and accurate in identification of vehicle.
  • Automatic identification and notification whenever vehicle enters or exit.
  • Data can be captured even vehicle is on the move.
  • Tags can carry the important data apart from the identification.