Security Solution
Trailblazer is a premiere visibility solution organization that is revolutionizing the security industry through a portfolio of Security Packages like the Stadium and Museum packages. Security, in India and abroad, is a primary focus for many companies, government organizations, and entertainment venues. A key component to any security plan is access to accurate, timely information. This information tool allows security managers to formulate plans and issue orders with an effective and appropriate level of response.

we believe that information is synonymous with visibility. Providing real-time visibility to supervisors and other security personnel allows a constant flow of reliable information that will add an incremental level of security.

Our Security Solutions is a unique approach to provide visibility for any type of security need by using a variation of technologies:
  • Radio Frequency Identification
  • General Packet Radio Systems
  • Global Positioning System
  • Wi-Fi Systems
  • Cellular Technology
With our Security Solutions, an enhanced level of confidence is afforded the museum that always knows where their paintings are within their four walls. A security guard's confidence is heightened by confirmation of reaching his designated checkpoints within a given area of responsibility as he automatically collects an accurate inventory of applicable assets and elevates the posturing of a site's security.hardening the target and discouraging potential threats. An efficient and effective response can be accurately coordinated at venues, like a football stadium, when the security managers have instant visibility of each of their event security staff during a critical incident.

Introduce Trailblazer's Security Solutions into your security plan to increase the efficiency of your security personnel while enhancing your asset and critical incident management tools, ultimately improving the safety of your patrons, your assets, and your employees.