Container/Pallet Tracking
Trailblazer RFID active tags can be programmed with contents and assigned locations and then placed on containers and pallets that are stored in a warehouse. Additional information can be collected and added to the RFID tags as the pallets move through the warehouse. The tracking system can identify unscheduled movement, so managers and security can be alerted to possible theft.

Trailblazer RFID-based automatic tracking system can identify and keep track of goods that are located anywhere in the warehouse or in any other part of the building where an Active reader is installed. The amount of idle inventory tied up in storage can be greatly reduced through effective use of the information provided by the system.

The system can also reduce theft and other forms of inventory shrinkage by immediately alerting the operations manager when a product is moved from its assigned area.

Active RFID solutions can also reduce the time and cost for counting stock as it enters the warehouse by collecting the data automatically and virtually eliminating the need for manual intervention.

Benefits of using Active RFID Systems
  • Track the location of pallets and containers within the warehouse
  • Notify management and security when unscheduled movements occur
  • Reduce costs and time for check-in and check-out as containers and pallets enter and leave the warehouse