Laptop Tracking System
Identifying and tracking a Laptop and assigning a particular Laptop to a particular User, maintaining complete history of Laptop and popping Alerts and Alarms accordingly. RFID Used In Laptop Tracking For
  • Monitoring and tracking movement of a Laptop.
  • Tracking and Identifying Owners and Users of Laptop with photos.
  • Identifies the deviations from expected location or condition.
  • Trigger/exception based alerts or specific warning notifications.
  • Access historical data to identify and eliminate operational bottlenecks.
  • Maintaining the Inventory and History for a Laptop.
Trailblazer Laptop Tracking System
A Laptop Tracking System allows an organization to track its Laptops effectively and efficiently. Laptops with important and confidential data if assigned to a particular user can be checked and alert can be given if any restricted user using the Laptop. A Laptop location can be checked effectively, even if it is inside a bag, without opening the bag which prevents theft and misuse of Laptops.

With wide range of features and flexibility, DLTS can be simply defined as
  • Affordable - Easy Plug and Play installation with low cost, Re usable Tags.
  • Reliable - Reliable too for Data Security and Maintenance.
  • Flexible - With many user friendly features.
  • Scalable - Easy to update with new builds and versions.
  • Accurate - Data accuracy is maintained with automated processes of Import, Export and Verification.
Benefits of Laptop Tracking System
Fully Automized Solution
  • Fully automized system to identify User and Laptop in and out.
  • Eliminate unauthorized use of Laptops.
  • Secure, efficient and accurate in identification of Laptop.
  • Tags can carry the important data apart from the identification.
  • Location wise Laptop identification.