Student Management Solution
The primary vision of the academic community is to encourage the intellectual curiosity and growth of their students through a stimulating and safe environment. At Trailblazer we share this vision to enhance each student's educational experience and peace of mind through the application of seamless state of the art technologies.

With Student Management Solutions school administrators and parents will have the ability to track the location of their students from the bus stop to the classroom and back again. Given the recent history of incidents in schools across our country, Student Management Solutions provides an unprecedented level of campus security, allowing the students to focus on their principal goal, to learn. Furthermore, Student Management Solutions offers interactive educational, administrative, and safety tools which include
  • Automated Attendance and Accountability
  • Instantaneous Student Identification
  • Living Library
  • Asset Issuing & Tracking
  • Detailed Campus Security & Access Control
  • Cashless Campus
  • Parking Area Control & Tracking
  • Automatic Hall Monitor
The ability of Student Management Solutions to automatically track the attendance of students within a school facility lends itself to several helpful applications. For one, it allows teachers to have an instantaneous roll call for the classroom, assemblies and other events, as well as providing access control and truancy notifications.

Trailblazer Student Management Solutions can improve the current, antiquated process of issuing text books and tracking library book withdraws. Imagine an automatic association can be made between a student and their book, expediting the process and creating an electronic record.